Ron Padgett


Luiz Roberto Benatti



if I lived in a railroad car

could I realize that

Novallis was indeed a wise man

by stating that time is interior space

and space is outer time

need not go from the bedroom to the kitchen

nor from this later to the library

because everything would be in the same place

the blurry window of the wagon

I would learn to live with

the animals that at cost try to survive outside

the armadillo, the owl, the sage, the opossum and the snakes

wake up early and only pick up at dawn high

because the search for food became so difficult

in nature as in the city

to where I move more and more in smaller portions

give me, Homer, the daily poem

and do not make me anxious about tomorrow

if bankers & their cronies want everything

the money of the world

let’s also give them our socks

wrapped in false hopes

and invite them to a session of Poetry

just to see them together

and then fuck in sleep

while they babble in the last fashion


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